Telegram tips and tricks that most Telegram users need to know. We live in a world where communication is so much important to our daily life. Telegram is a popular messaging app in recent times that has played a significant role in connecting with friends, and relatives and by sending messages, photos, videos, and media. We all can use this app easily.

But it is not just a common app whenever there have so many features inside it. You need to follow some Telegram tips and tricks for enjoying these features, and for this reason, first, you need to read this article from fast to last.

Some Telegram Tips And Tricks For The Users

There have some unique Telegram tips and tricks that you don’t know yet. I think you all should know these Telegram tips and tricks if you are a regular Telegram user.

But still, you are unknown about these Telegram tips and tricks, Don’t worry. Here I am. Because I will make an article about 7 Telegram tips and tricks that you need to try, so don’t waste any time and read this article.

Enable Slow Mode

An outstanding tip and trick in the telegram messenger is the slow mode. We previously got that a single group in a telegram can contain about 2,00,000 people. Each of these people sends hundreds of messages in a routine and makes it difficult to track who said what quickly.

The slow mode comes to work for making it easier at this moment, and this slow mode will require members to wait a set time before they can send another message.

Any user can notice this mode in any group. After entering the group, it just needs to tap on the “Edit” option and then the “Permissions” option. You can select the duration at the bottom of the page that is 10sec, 30sec, 1m, 5m, 15, and 1h.

Silent Or Scheduled Messages

The silent or scheduled message is also one of the Telegram tips and tricks. This tip is only for those telegram users who don’t want to get overwhelmed by notifications, and Telegram also provides control over it.

If you don’t want to disturb your contact by sending messages on Telegram, you can use silent messages. The recipient to whom you send messages won’t be notified of the same even with no sounds and vibrations.

Here, you need to compose your message instead of tapping the Send button and holding it for a few seconds. You can either schedule a message or send it without sound when there reveals a hidden menu.

Find People by Location

The world can be opened up by the Telegram from anywhere or where you go inside the world. When you enable the nearby feature, you can discover new groups and find new people who live around you. But in that case, the nearby users also need to enable this feature.

If you go under the contacts tab, here you will find this option. If you are interested in enjoying this option, you have to provide location permissions when asked. Now you are ready to search for new friends in the Telegram around you.

Telegram Bots

I think it is the most unique feature of the telegram app. You will find all types of bots for your need in a Telegram messenger to get things done, set reminders, manage large groups and channels, fetch information from the web, and also can manage a voting poll on Telegram groups.

We can not make a list of these Telegram bots in a single article, and these telegram bots can be used in your chats, groups, and channels. There are also game bots on Telegram too.

Auto Delete Account

I think you are used to Whatsapp messenger. But do you know that a huge number of people worldwide are switching to Telegram from WhatsApp do it for security and privacy reasons? The one most interesting tip about Telegram is a telegram user can set their Telegram account to auto-delete if they are away for a certain period.

Go to the settings and select privacy and security. Now time to tap on If Away For to choose the time duration.  The duration can be picked like six months, especially if you don’t use Telegram much. If you do not do so, your account might be deleted just because you were less active rather than inactive.

There are other ways to delete your Telegram account too.

Chat Folders

Chat Folder in Telegram is an outstanding option in the telegram and all the telegram users can easily utilize the maximum advantage of this option. This option is initially to stay in Telegram for having all the channels and groups in the Telegram in one panel.

This tip is pretty much needed to categorize their chats into different labels, and Telegram sorts things out for them. Just go to setting and then enter chat folders to create your first-ever folder.

Edit Sent Messages

Can you edit the messages that you sent to your friends on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp? We all know the answer, and the answer should be “No.” But the answer will be different in the telegram messenger segment.

All the telegram use can edit the messages they had sent to their friends, relatives, and any other telegram user. You have to long-press your sent message that you want to edit and then edit that message as you wish.

So, guys, I think you all had known about some tips and tricks that you might be don’t know about before. I had tried to add all the accurate tips and tricks about the telegram messenger. If you have any complaints, please inform us by adding your valuable comment in the following comment section.