Signal vs Telegram is a comparative article between the two messaging apps.  Signal and Telegram is the most updated topic in the trend of chats. Most people used WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger, but at the time, those apps were most useful now because they are a privacy concern protected.

Both apps would be many features if they were updated. Both apps have a user interface and smooth conversations between groups.  You easily install apps with only a phone number; you don’t need to provide your name or email address or restrict.

Comparison Between Signal And Telegram

I know Signal vs Telegram is a worthless comparison. These two messaging apps both are quite reasonable according to their features. If Telegram has some unique features, on the other hand, Signal also has some.

So, from this perspective, we or I can’t say which is good and which is bad. But, we can discuss the features of these two apps, and the decision will make by the users; which is better for them. Keep reading.


Telegram is owned by a big tech company of profit company. It is a chat app with all features, stickers, photos, file transfers, voice, and video calls. Telegram is offering apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Also, chat apps on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux system Each is free Telegram is optional end-to-end encryption Telegram is open-source, but its server software is not open-source. It is a profit corporation made with plans to make money. Telegram has up to 200,000 a group chat abilities.

  • Release 14 August 2013; 7 years ago
  • Available in 14 languages
  • Programming language C++
  • Play store install 500m
  • Made in Russia


The Signal is owned by a big tech company or non-profit organization. It is a chat app with all features, stickers, photos, file transfers, voice, and video calls. The signal is offering apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Also chat apps on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux system Each is free Signal is end-to-end encrypted between devices Signal is open-source of developed by the Signal Foundation with a non-profit organization made by donations Signal has only up to 1000 people in a group chat ability I have share extraordinary info Signal and Telegram app.

  • Release 29 July 2014; 6 years ago
  • Available on GitHub.
  • programming languages, Esterel and Lustre. (first time)
  • play store install 50m
  • Made in California, American

Some Things That Keep Telegram Ahead From Signal

Signal vs Telegram, well Telegram and Signal both are offered so many magnificent features; I must say Telegram will be ahead of the Signal app when it’s to a comparison between these two apps.

But singly Telegram has some unique features that Singal doesn’t offer. Below, I will write more clearly about the features of these two apps.

  • Groups Chat: Telegram allows up to 200,000 people in a single group chat, which can make a large community. But Signal allows only 10,000 people in a group chat, much less than the Telegram.
  • Transferable File: In Telegram, a user can send up to a 2GB file where the Signal allows only a 100 MB file to transfer.
  • Telegram Offers Bots: One of the most attractive features of Telegram is the Telegram bot. Telegram offers users to make bots based on their needs. But on the other hand, Signal doesn’t offer any bots cause it’s just focusing on Security.
  • User Interface and Customization: The User Interface (UI) of Telegram is quite beautiful and bright. Telegram offers sticker packs and animated stickers. Users are also able to customize their Telegram theme. On the other hand, the Signal apps do not have these features yet, but they have started working to bring them shortly.

My Recommendation On Signal vs Telegram: Which One You Should Use

As I said before, we can’t recommend one. When it comes to making the decision, you should decide which app you are going to use. Telegram has many magnificent features; whiches are not available on the Signal. But the Telegram has a security risk.

But when you need high-secure messaging, you should use the Signal App. Signal always focuses on security. I am not saying Telegram is vulnerable, but Signal is more secure than Telegram. As a normal user, Telegram is quite good for me.

Last Point

Well, we have arrived at the need for the comparison of Signal vs Telegram. I heard Facebook, and other app companies often collected more personal info and shared unnecessary organizations like advertisement companies. It is illegal, so people are bored with feeling that work. Every professional and honest person who needs privacy protects their info offline and online.

It’s 2021 to be active everywhere, so they want privacy to protect and security like apps, software, social media, etc.

Finally, people like the signal app because it’s a privacy-protected app than WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Telegram. After knowing the comparison between Telegram and Signal; You can also read another article on WhatsApp Vs Telegram