Telegram schedule message is an outstanding feature in telegram messenger added in the Telegram in the previous update. This option generally works to send things at a specified time in the future automatically.

It also works in your ‘Saved Messages’ chat for turning your planned posts into reminders. Don’t you know the use of this scheduled Message after being a regular use in Telegram?

Don’t worry. Because here I am using the scheduled message feature in the Telegram and keep scrolling this page to know the using process of the scheduled messages.

Telegram Schedule Message Feature

Telegram is contained so many unique features. Schedule message is one of the most useful features of the Telegram messaging application. Schedule message is not a hidden feature in Telegram. SO that any telegram user can easily use this schedule message feature; this scheduled message initially allows any user to sort your messages and make them fire at a scheduled time.

Any user can follow two different options to send scheduled messages that are automatically sent schedule messages, and another one is to send scheduled messages using a bot. Have a look at the following description for sending scheduled messages automatically and by using bots.

Send Schedule Message

You need to follow some simple steps to send scheduled messages. At first, open the telegram app and enter the individual or group chat in which you want to schedule a message. Now type in the Message or select the Media/Files you wish to send to your selected contact. After that, tap and hold on to the Send button until the sub-menu with additional options open.

Now time to select the schedule message option from the additional options. Then choose the date and time. In the final step, you will have to tap on the “Send on (date) at (time)” button to finish.

Or, if you are using Telegram on your iPhone; you can follow the steps below

Telegram Schedule Message

Telegram Schedule Message step-1( iPhone)

Telegram Schedule Message

Telegram Schedule Message step- 2 (iPhone)

Telegram Schedule Message

Telegram Schedule Message step- 3(iPhone)

Telegram Schedule Message

Telegram Schedule Message step-4 (iPhone)

These scheduled messages are generally stored on the telegram server, and any telegram user can modify the contents using any of your Telegram devices at any time. The most needed information about this scheduled message option can be sent even if none of your Telegram clients are connected to the internet.

Manage Telegram Schedule Message

It is not enough to know the whole process of sending scheduled messages. A telegram user also should know how to manage planned messages besides sending scheduled messages because managing the scheduled messages is pretty easy after having scheduled a message or media to an individual or group chat.

A telegram user also can edit or cancel a previously scheduled message or add more messages to the queue for different times. For managing scheduled messages, you need to open that chat option in which you have scheduled the messages.

Then you will be able to see a calendar icon on the bottom bar of Telegram in the type message option. You have to tap on it, and then it will take you to the Scheduled Messages window. You can Reschedule a message, Cancel a scheduled message, Modify the Message, and Schedule more messages in the chat here.

You will have to just a single tap on the Message and select Reschedule. Then you can cancel a scheduled message by tapping on the Message and selecting Delete; modify the Message by tapping once on the Message and selecting Edit.

Finally, for scheduling more messages in the chat, you need to type in the new Message and press the clock icon to choose a target date and time. That’s all about the simple process for scheduled messages and managing the scheduled messages in the telegram messenger.

I think it’s the easiest way to send planned messages and manage the scheduled messages. Don’t forget to add a comment in the following comment box to express your personal opinion, and stay tuned to our site to enjoy the daily updates.