Is Telegram Secure? To know the answer to the question is Telegram secure or not, you need to read this article carefully. This is a ubiquitous question among many of us. After a new Whatsapp privacy update a few months ago, people started to know more about Telegram. Some people say that Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps.

And, some people say that Telegram has some issues that need to be changed to be a secure messaging platform. Who is right between these two? If you need the answer. You have to look at a few things about it.

Let’s Find Out Is Telegram Safe?

Is Telegram secure or not! Suppose you see the privacy, settings, and Encryption of Telegram in detail. You’ll notice that some things need to be focused on before saying Telegram is fully secure and safe. You have to understand the criteria that need to be fulfilled before saying a messenger app is secure.

Here in this article, I’ll be discussing Telegram’s security. And also focus on things that can increase or decrease the level of security in Telegram. So that your question finds the answer is telegram secure or not.

Does Telegram Have end-to-end Encryption?

This is one of the most important factors of a messenger app before updating the new Whatsapp policy. Whatsapp’s normal messaging was end-to-end encrypted. It means that WhatsApp does not collects or share the metadata or chats into their server or with anyone. But after a new update of Whatsapp.

The end-to-end was still utilized, but now WhatsApp shares your metadata with Facebook and all the companies under Facebook. So it means that Whatsapp’s end-to-end Encryption can not protect you from sharing your data. But what about Telegram? Is it the same as Whatsapp? Or better or even worse? We can’t say worse. There is a reason behind that. Let me explain.

Telegram does not have a default end-to-end encryption for its users. It means the server of Telegram can access your metadata, and chat data. But when I’m writing this article, Telegram says that they do not use this data for advertisement.

But this policy may change because we have seen something like this in the past. Your messaging and metadata get collected by Telegram into their server. But that does not mean that you are not secured. Still,

have the question, is Telegram secure or not ? Let’s found the answers.

How to Use end-to-end Encryption in Telegram

Suppose you have read my last paragraph under the first headline. You already understood how end-to-end could be a more secure option for you. I have said that Telegram does not have that in default. But Telegram has end-to-end Encryption in a special form. They have end-to-end Encryption for their users in Secret Chats only. So if you use secret chats in Telegram, you are going to have end-to-end Encryption.

In secret chats, Telegram does not collect your metadata or chat data into their servers. It gets collected under your phone’s storage. It means you are almost fully secure under secret chats in Telegram. But whenever you delete or clear your app’s data, your chats may disappear because your phone’s storage collected it.

Is Telegram Secure?

If you are thinking about whether is Telegram secure or not, continue reading. Yes, Telegram is secure. But it does not have a default end-to-end encryption, which is a huge issue that puts a question mark on the answer. But in secret chats, you are going to have the benefits of having Encryption. Telegram also allows cloud passwords (Learn how to set cloud passwords) to ensure a Telegram account is more secure.

But let’s not focus only on one thing of Telegram. There are security and privacy settings of Telegram that allow you to customize in your way. There are passcode and Face ID options to protect your chats from intruders even after forgetting to unlock your phone.

There is a two-step authentication option. Which also increases the security of your account and helps to keep it safe from hijackers. The privacy option is also good. You can edit things like who cal see your number, profile, and all of the stuff. You can either select nobody, everybody, or my contact. I like the privacy settings of Telegram because I wouldn’t say I like to receive calls from everybody.

So I kept it my contact. Telegram is secure, but you have to be careful about using telegram bots and hackers out there. Before stated chatting with others on Telegram, ensure your phone number privacy.

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Please keep in mind that Telegram can update its privacy and policy settings at any time. So keep an eye on the date of this article and the date of new updates of Telegram. I have tried to bring all the information about the security issue of Telegram. Remember, Telegram has the best features that you won’t find on other messaging apps.

Hopefully, you understood the way I explained it. I tried to simplify those things, so you easily understand those. If you still have some questions about the security of Telegram, you can put a comment in the following.