Unique features that are only available on Telegram in the main context of this article. Are you a regular user of Telegram messenger? You should know all the unique and hidden features of this app. Don’t worry if you are still unknown of these features.

Because this article is all about the unique features of the Telegram messenger. Whenever you will read this whole article fast to last, I hope all the things will be clear to you and can enjoy all the unique features of this messenger app.

Some Unique Features in Telegram

Do you know what made Telegram so special? Instead of speed, security, and simplicity, the telegram has so many different types of in-app features by default. Some of these features are the secret chat option, chat folder, set a reminder, quick GIF,

and YouTube search, connect with the proxy server, auto night mode, etc. Here I will add some unique features of this messaging app, Telegram. So have a look if you are interested.

Chat Folders

The first feature in my list about telegram is the chat folder and a telegram user can easily utilize the maximum advantage of this unique feature. This feature was added to the telegram only for solving the issue of having all the channels and groups in the telegram in one panel.

Which makes things much harder to declutter and make sense of. By using these folders, any user can categorize his/her chats into different labels, and Telegram sort things out for him/her. check here, how can you create chat folders on Telegram

Secret Chats

I think secret chat is one of the most important features of the telegram app. You always can store all the default chats on telegram all Telegram chats are encrypted. A telegram user can easily be allowed to access all the messages on multiple devices, but it might raise security concerns.

Basically, this secret chat option is only for those users who want to use client-to-client end encryption. The positive sign of this secret chat is this chat won’t be stored on the telegram server and when a user deletes this chat option, it disappears on both sides. Check how to enable secret chats on Telegram

Share Live Location

Another interesting feature in telegram messenger is to share the location of the user. That means the Telegram keeps an eye on your location and progress to a destination or looks out for your safety.

If you can share your location in telegram, you need to open a chat then tap the paper clip button, and finally choose the location where you can choose your current or your live location. Share My Live Location option can be updated for the period you specify: 15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours continuously.

Set Reminders

The next feature of the telegram in my list is to set reminders. You can understand the importance of reminders after knowing a piece of news that is recently WhatsApp partnered with any do to bring Reminders but a telegram user can get this outstanding feature natively. But you will be able to set reminders in the “Saved Messages” section if you are a regular telegram user.

In this case, you need to simply out the task and tap and hold the “send” button. There you can choose “set a reminder” and pick your date and time. This feature mainly works like the Google Calendar or other task management apps.

There is also the availability of scheduled messages on Telegram

Quick GIF and YouTube Search

Nowadays GIFs had become more popular among all the social app users like Facebook, WhatsApp. Telegram is also a social app for text messages, photos, videos, and any other media. So that GIF message is also a containing feature in the telegram. A telegram user can get so many GIFs by default in the chat option. It is also a unique feature among normal users.

You also can get a quick YouTube search option in the telegram messenger without leaving the App. If you want to enjoy this feature you have to simply type @gif or @youtube and enter your search query.

These all are some of the best features of the telegram app. There are also have other so many unique and hidden features in this app. We can not add all the features in a single article. Though I had tried to add some of the best features in this article.

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