Telegram X features that you need to know before using the app. If you are using the Telegram X this is also an article for you to know more about Telegram x features and what it has to offer you. Is it better than the Telegram original? You will be learning by reading about Telegram X features and the difference between Telegram and Telegram X.

We all know about the Telegram app. It is one of the highly popular messaging apps in the world with more than 500 million users and more than 55 million daily active users. But the question is What is Telegram X. Is it the official app? Is it secure? Who built this app. Some people also raise questions that are safe to use or not. Many questions come about the Telegram X.

But easy explanations about Telegram X are hardly found. So I’ve decided to let you know about almost everything that you need to about Telegram X. I hope you will get answers to all of your frequently asked questions about Telegram X. So let’s begin with the first headline that explains what actually Telegram X is.

What is Telegram X?

Let’s go back to a few years back. Before Telegram was launched there was an app named Challegram. Telegram bought this app and named this app Telegram X. This is how Telegram X comes to the market of messaging apps. It is not any unofficial or unsafe app.

It is the official app of Telegram. But this app is not fully built or is still in an experimental stage. Telegram X is the beta application of the Telegram official app.

Telegram kept the app as the experimental app. They published both of the apps in Playstore. Whenever Telegram brings a new update or new features for their users. The first experiments it in Telegram X. And after a few days, it migrates into the official Telegram app. So you can say Telegram X is the experimental app by Telegram.

Some Telegram X features are not available on Telegram. And Telegram has some features that Telegram X does not have. Usually, Telegram X is not the best option for official or individual use.

Because you may face some issues during sending videos or images or even stickers. It is not a fully built app. It is an experimental app. But still, it runs quite well.

Telegram X Features That You Need to Know

There are some differences between Telegram and Telegram X. As I’ve already said that Telegram has some features that Telegram X doesn’t. And this is the same for Telegram X. Telegram X has some unique features and differences with Telegram. But it is mostly like the official Telegram app.

The differences are tiny and you may not notice while running both. Regular users may not see any differences between these two. Now let’s talk about some Telegram X features that you need to know.

Bubbles Mode: Telegram X Features

It is a very unique Telegram X feature that Telegram does not have yet. Telegram may add it in the future or may not. But while I’m writing this Telegram X only has this feature.

Bubbles mode allows you to give more space within the chats for better placement of the media and texts in the messages. And it also changes the standard way of viewing messages in text bubble form. This unique feature is only available on Telegram X.

Advance Data Saving Mode: Telegram X Features

Telegram X comes with an advanced data saving mode that allows you to restrict your mobile data limit. This feature is not available on Telegram yet. This is also a unique feature of Telegram X that you need to know. When you go to the settings of your Telegram app.

There are no data-saving settings available for you. But when you go to the setting of the Telegram X app, there is an option available called Advance. And when you tap to Advance. There are so many options will be available for you to restrict your data limit on the app.

Gesture Mode: Telegram X Features

I really liked this feature of Telegram X. This is a very unique feature of a messaging app that I’ve seen so far. This feature allows you to see messages without letting them know. Yeah, that’s true. This mode is only available for Telegram X. When you got some messages from someone.

You can go to the Telegram X app and just tap and hold your tapping on the person. A new popup window will come with the messages inside that inbox.

That is it for today. Telegram X is an experimental app by Telegram. It is an official app and hopefully, it is secure. But we can not fully guarantee any security of any experimental app. Still, people do use this app and love these unique features it.