Telegram you have a new message that isn’t an issue all the time, but yet, sometimes it’s boring. This article aims to make everything clear about this problem that may already bore you several times. If you want to get rid of notifications like you having new messages, but really it isn’t, you have to stay with me. I will try to assist you with this unexpected issue.

What Telegram You Have A New Message Means

Telegram has a very useful feature; telegram secret chat. I guess most of us like Telegram for its better security and privacy. When you are using secret chat, your phone is locked, then you will get notifications like, “You Have a New Message.” You won’t see the message on this notification. Who sent you the message, what was on that message won’t appear on that notification because it was your secret chat.

And also, Telegram follows a motto, Never miss a Moment! Until you read a message after the first notification, Telegram will be sending your the same notification again and again.

Telegram You Have A New Message Problem

I also faced that problem; I wasn’t using secret chat; I got a notification from Telegram, “You Have a New Message.” But the thing is, when I clicked on that notification, I entered on the Telegram app, but there was nothing, no messages. The same stuff happens again and again. I clicked on the notification, entered the Telegram application; there was nothing to read, no messages from anyone.

Why Telegram You Have A New Message Problem Happen?

There are lots of Telegram users who face this same problem. There are different reasons behind this problem happens. Reasons behind the problem, Telegram, you have a new message:

  • iOS Version: Only iOS 14.6 faced this problem (based on Quora, Reddit, Telegram bugs). If you are an iOS user of version 14, this is happening with a flow; don’t worry much.
  • Telegram Bugs: Sometimes, it could be a bug that happens one in a thousand chances.
  • Secret Chat: If you are using secret chat and someone sent you a message when your device is locked, you will be notified this way.
  • Deleted Message: You got a new message notification, but the sender just deleted the message after sending you that message.
  • Device Notification: Sometimes, this problem can happen for your device notification error. Because this problem has also occurred on android phones.

How To Solve You Have A New Message Issue?

When it really is a problem of new message notification, there are still very effective ways by following you can get rid of “you have a new message issue.” The ways to follow:

  • Update iOS Version: You can check your latest iOS version. Version 15 users don’t face this issue at all.
  • Restart Your Device: Restart your phone, and that should fix it.
  • Restart Your Telegram Messenger: You can restart your Telegram messenger to get rid of this issue.
  • Take Time: Notifications will arrive with proper message previews after reboot; sometimes, it takes up to 48 hours to reboot the notification system.
  • Check Device Notification Setting: On-off your device notification setting, maybe it will be helpful and will fix this issue.

Why Doesn’t Telegram Show Message Preview?

Telegram message preview is a feature by which you can see a message without opening it. Sometimes we unintentionally off this feature without knowing. If you want to on the message preview system, you have to check your setting first. There are two reasons why Telegram doesn’t show message previews:

  1. If the device notification setting is off.
  2. Or when Telegram notification is off.

Turn On Device Notification:

  • Go to your setting
  • Go to the application setting
  • Go to Telegram application setting
  • Turn on notification.

Turn On Telegram Notification:

  • Go to your Telegram application.
  • Go to Setting
  • Go to the “Notifications and Sounds” setting.
  • Turn on Notification
  • Select and turn on the notifications you want to get.

I hope it is done! You don’t have to be panic for Telegram you have a new message problem at all. If you still have any problems with this issue, you can leave a comment or you can contact telegram support for any queries. And if you have faced this issue and solve it differently, let us know by writing a comment. We will add it to this article that will be helpful to others.