Have you ever thought about what to do if your Telegram account is hacked? Telegram is one of the most used and secure messaging apps at the present time. Telegram authority claims Telegram is highly secure, and they have ensured data privacy in every possible way.

But still, technology can do anything. There are many hackers out there who can break through any difficult protection over the internet. Most secure messaging cross-platform Telegram could be hacked too.

Even there have many news articles published about Telegram account hacking. This article aims to make everything clear about Telegram hacking; what to do if someone hacks your Telegram account, and how they do that!

Here Is How Hackers Hack Telegram Account

The main question is how a hacker breached data protection and hacked into your telegram account! Facebook account hacking, Instagram hacking, website, bank, government data, and even NASA’s official website hacking was also possible for hackers.

Even hackers are doing these today. Didn’t you ever think about how they do that? How do they know our password and use mobile phone verification? I’ve thought that several times.

After my research, I think I now have an idea about how they do anything they want! Okay, this is not today’s topic; I will discuss how a hacker hacks a Telegram account.

Using Your Phone Number

Say you are trying to log in to your Telegram account. What steps do you follow? You go to Telegram, log in, and input your phone number and password. Telegram sends you a verification code or OTP code to your phone number. You input your phone number and log in to your account.

So what should someone else need to do to log in to your account? Right, same as you did. A hacker will try to log in to your account but without your password. He will try to recover your account. The process to log in to your account:

  • Will try to recover your account
  • Send OTP to your phone number
  • Input the code
  • Create new password
  • DONE!

What is missing? Yes, how will hackers get your OTP?

Let’s talk differently as an example. Think that government or government intelligence wants to access your Telegram account. As government controls your mobile operators, they have access to the server. OTP sent from your server. If somehow they have server access, they can do anything.

So, now I think it’s a little bit easy to accept the theory of hacking. Hackers bypass your OTP and login into your account. That’s it!

Using Your Telegram Account

If someone close to you has your phone or any device you have logged in to your Telegram account, if they want, they can access your account.` They can use any bots or AI or anything like fishing your account.

It doesn’t mean that a hacker must have to be your friend or any close one! It could be someone outsider who has access to your phone or your device.

Say, you are using your account on your computer, using Telegram desktop. And hackers have access to your computer, so your Telegram isn’t secure too.

How Can I Know My Telegram Was Hacked?

If your account got hacked, there are different ways to know whether your account is hacked or not! An unusual user experience will make you alert about your account privacy. Here is some point that proves your account is hacked!

  • Your Telegram account is logging out automatically from your device.
  • Unusual activities on your account like sending messages, stickers, or even joining any account you didn’t even know!
  • You can check manually how many devices are logged in to your account.

The process to check logged devices:

Continue checking the Active Sessions of your Telegram account if you are afraid of your account’s security. Follow the steps if you don’t know how!

  • Step 01: Go to the Setting of your telegram account
  • Step 02: Got to the Privacy & Security setting.
  • Step 03: Enter Active Sessions
  • Step 04: Click Show All Sessions
  • Final Step: You will see Current Sessions and Active Sessions

Now confirm which device is your and which is not!

How to Delete Hacked Telegram Account

If you have access to your Telegram account on any other device, you can easily access your account and delete it. Telegram desktop and app version doesn’t have an instant Account Delete feature. But if you use the telegram web version, you can delete your account instantly.

From the Telegram application and desktop version, you can set an automatic account delete period like 1 month, 2 months, or 3 & 6 months. Say you have selected 1 month that means if you don’t log into your account for 1 month, your Telegram account, Telegram data like images, videos you have sent someone, everything will be deleted.

Telegram Account Is Hacked

Secure Telegram Account

Now it’s time to ensure you that Telegram has recently updated its features and security systems. No one can no longer access or hack your Telegram account if you follow some security steps.

Let’s talk about the privacy that you should follow to make your account secure:

  • Use 2FA: Telegram’s recently updated 2FA is more secure than any other social media.
  • Try Cloud Password: using a cloud password means if someone still has your phone number access, they still need your cloud password to access your account.
  • Make your phone number private: If any third party doesn’t know which phone number you are using on your account, it will be more difficult to breach your account privacy.
  • User end-to-end encryptions: You can use telegram secret chat to talk with someone about a secret topic. Telegram secret chat uses end-to-end encryptions. Using secret chat means no one can see your conversion even if they have access to your account.

On the other way, if you think your Telegram is hacked or, your cellphone got stolen that’s why you are in shock! you can read an article on the official website My phone was stolen, what do I do?

In the end, I want to say, don’t worry! Use the security settings and privacy steps of Telegram and stay cool! No one can harm you if you are the guard of your safety!