To solve Telegram not working issue; read this article carefully without skipping any line. Telegram has more than 500 million users right now, and the daily active user rate is also higher than 55 million. So, a huge number of people are running this one of the most popular messaging apps in the world right now.

Maintaining this number of people isn’t a very easy task. So, maybe you can have some issues running the Telegram app. I personally never faced this issue. But, some people may have faced the Telegram not working issue. So, it’s time to know about how to solve Telegram not working issue.

Solve Telegram Not Working Issue

There can be many reasons behind this issue, and we will try to focus on those issues and the solutions. Telegram is known as a healthy and secure messaging app all over the world. And, the issue of not working or not connecting to the server can be fixed. Here in this article, I’ll discuss the method that will help you solve Telegram not working issue.

Check For The Updates On Telegram

To solve Telegram not working issue; first, you can check for updates on your Telegram app. Updates of an app come with something new feature or fix some bug or security issues. We shouldn’t ignore the fact of updating apps frequently. First of all, check if your Telegram app receives updates in the play store or the app store. Sometimes a small bug can bring damage. So keeping your app always up to date is important.

We often ignore this issue, but every update comes with something new. Many times those updates come with important security fixes and bug fixes. You have to check for updates on your Telegram app frequently. Or you can turn the notification on to your app store or play store, so you do not miss any updates on the Telegram app.

Clear Cache And Data Of The Telegram App

To solve Telegram not working issue; secondly, you can clear your phone’s app cache and data. If you have a connecting issue or not working issue in accessing your Telegram account, clearing your Telegram app’s data may help you the most. This is one of the best ways to solve this issue of not working or even not connecting. Even this can be the only solution for maximum reasons of not working.

I hope I do not need to show you how you can go to the settings of the Telegram app and then clear the cache and data. We all are experts at doing that. In case you do not know how to clear the data of your Telegram app.

  • Go to the “settings”
  • Then select “Apps”
  • Select Telegram app
  • Here you will find the “clear data” option and “clear cache” option
  • You can do both

But before doing it, remember that you may have to login into your account with your mobile number again. So, get prepared with your mobile to log in again. The process is very easy. I do not think it will take more than 5 minutes to do so. And this is the most effective method to solve this issue with the Telegram app.

Check Your Device’s Storage and Settings

To solve Telegram not working issue; at last, you can do it by yourself is to check your phone’s storage. You may have run out of storage on your device, so you are facing the not working issue of the Telegram app. This can happen, and this happens to those who had a shortage of storage but downloaded a lot of apps in it. Please recheck your phone’s storage.

If it shows that your device is running out of space, please try to uninstall or delete some of the apps that you do not need. This may help to solve the issue. It is recommended to have at least 2 GB of internal storage free always.

Because those apps need internal storage to work and keep things, after checking and after clearing some storage (if needed), then please clear the data of your Telegram app, as I’ve said in the upper paragraph.

Hopefully, these three methods will work to solve the issue of not working the Telegram App. I’ve said to check for updates of your Telegram app at first and then clear the data and cache of the app, and then you can check if you have

enough storage left or not. After going through this process, if you still can not access your account, please write a comment in the following. We will try to reach you and address the issue and will try to help you out. If you want you can also read about 7 Telegram Tips and TricksĀ