Is Telegram X Safe?  Well, let me give you the answer first; yes, Telegram X is secure but to say more safety; it has some system lacks for which you can sometimes feel serious insecurity issues with your data while using Telegram X. The people who are questioning about Telegram X is safe or not; will find an answer here.

But before that, you need to know what Telegram x is?  What are the differences between Telegram and Telegram X.? So read below about what is Telegram?

For an elaborative study on Telegram X, I have linked up some pages that you might like to read as well while reading about ”is Telegram X safe?”

Is Telegram X safe

What Is Telegram X?

Telegram X is an experimental app of official Telegram to reinvent the speed, easy accessibility, and focus on the quality of animations. This app was built based on the TDLib that has abled this app to be smoother on animations and easier to use.

But, it was announced in October 2018 that Telegram X for iOS had been replaced with the older Objective-C-based client. If their users are looking for the best iOS experience, they should install the main Telegram version of iOS.

But, it’s not the topic here. If you haven’t installed or used Telegram X, you need to know better about Telegram X to understand this article or this situation.

Like, the features of Telegram X that you need to know, and after that, you need to know about the differences between Telegram and Telegram X.

But if you have used Telegram X and even using Telegram X now, then it’s your time to read next.

Is Telegram X Safe?

When answering your question on is Telegram X safe or not, I will simply say, yes, it’s safe. But, do not use the beta version or any experimental app of Telegram when you have the fully updated full version of Telegram.

But, if you have a low configured android phone, then using the Telegram X will be more beneficial to you. But if you are using Telegram X on your iPhone, then, for a better service, use the full version of Telegram.

And the official Telegram site has said about this and encouraged you. For more elaborative reading, check here.

Now, You may have a question about why I discouraged you from using the Telegram X version and made you think again before using the Telegram X; well, after reading the reviews of the Telegram X users, I got to this decision.

For your instance, check on the Google play store page of Telegram and see the reviews. After reading the reviews, if you are still interested in using the Telegram X, then, this time, I wouldn’t discourage you. Still, I wouldn’t encourage you either if you have the ability to use the full version of Telegram.

So, this is all about is Telegram X safe or not? Throughout the article, I have briefly briefed the briefs to simplify my answer to this individual question.

I hope it was helpful. And that you for reading. If you are interested in reading more about Telegram, its clients, and its features, then browse our whole website and explore more about Telegram.