Telegram Supergroup is a community that allows for a higher member capacity. Telegram has had this ‘Supergroup’ feature since the 35th of November 2015. This feature enables us to make a community. In maintaining a big community; the Telegram Supergroup feature is a big save for everything. Bots are also efficient in maintaining a supergroup.

In this article, you will be learning all about the Telegram Supergroup feature from the start to this time of the year 2022. Keep reading and you will eventually find the information about the Telegram supergroup that you may have been looking for.

What Does Supergroup Mean In Telegram

Telegram supergroup is a community that allows us a large number of members and it can be changed to a public group from a private group and can have additional admins who can help the group creator to manage the group activity property through their administrative power. A normal group generally does not have a large number of members. But, in the Telegram Supergroup; we can make a big community. Telegram Supergroups are optimized to manage big communities easily and there are so many bots on Telegram that can help you to manage your Telegram supergroup with no extra pressure.

Telegram Supergroup can be used as a professional group to show your work or expertise to a huge community and can be maintained properly with premium bots.┬áTelegram launched this feature called ‘supergroup’ on 25th November 2015. We all know that ordinary groups have no more than 200 members in groups or if they have they will eventually face some other difficulties to maintain the group activity.

For solving this problem, Telegram decided to add this feature which enables us to have more than 200,000 members in a group and also enables several additional administrators who can control the group activity more like the administration of the supergroup.

Features of Telegram Supergroup

Let’s take a look at the advantages and features of the Telegram Supergroup. Let’s have a look-

  1. Telegram Supergroup allows us up to 200,000 members in a group.
  2. New members can see the history of all previous conversations on a Public Supergroup.
  3. Group creators can assign group admins who can manage group activity.
  4. We can pin numerous important and noticeable posts at the top of the dialogue box.
  5. Can use automatic bots to maintain the group.
  6. Can be searched globally through the title of the group.
  7. The group can be set to a topic.

How To Create A Telegram Supergroup

When a group reaches 200 members, we need to update it to a Supergroup. here’s how to create a telegram supergroup-

  1. Tap the group name top of the chat.
  2. There will be a prompt which is informing that the member limit was reached. then tap ” Update To The Supergroup
  3. Then the group will automatically upgrade to a supergroup.

How Do I Upgrade To Supergroup Telegram

For upgrading to supergroup telegram, we have to follow some steps. Here are those steps-

  1. Open Telegram app
  2. Select the group which needs to upgrade to a supergroup.
  3. Then click on the group’s name
  4. Then click on upgrade to the supergroup.
  5. Then tap to convert

How To Know If A Telegram Group Is A Supergroup

A supergroup is known by its members number. if a Telegram group held more than 200 members then it will be a supergroup. A regular Telegram group doesn’t keep more than 200 members. And some times groups hide their information from non-member Telegram users. So, if you want to find out if a group is a supergroup or not, then you can use the TeleMe Bot.

Add TeleMe Bot to your Telegram chat and go to the bot dashboard and type the group name and you will find all the information of the group on the bot dashboard.

So this is All about the Telegram Supergroup that you must know if you are a Telegram user.