How to remove restrictions from the Telegram account is the main concept of this article. There are so many things that are happening on Telegram, and it has become one of the most popular and most used Messaging apps on the earth. With great features and security there comes a lot of challenges for Telegram. Telegram mostly depends on bots for it’s any kind of administration.

Why Telegram Restricts An Account?

Well, most of the time Telegram restricts an account from messaging to any conversation, non-mutual conversations, or restricts participating from other public groups. And all these types of banning happen because the user breaks community guidelines and sometimes uses Telegram like other social media. And Telegram always says that Telegram is not a social network. It’s a messaging system and the users want a more secure place to keep their conversation out of any kind of disturbance.

So, Telegram always uninspires messaging any unknown contacts or users. If any users want to make new friends on Telegram they can experience several bans from Telegram and also from other users. And, if this happens then your telegram use will be limited to a great extent.

Remove Restrictions From Telegram Account

Well, if you are not spamming but still your account got restricted from Telegram; then you can easily take off your ban by reporting your issues on @SpamBot

Add Spambot to your chat and Tell it your problem. For example-

  • Add Spambot to your chat and press the ” Start “ button

  • Now will be able to see when your account got restricted or limited. Then click on the dialogue box menu-ber below.


  • And then select ” This is a mistake ” from the dialogue box.

  • After that this dialogue box will be shown to you now select your answer. With Yes Or No.


  • Now, select the ” No, Never Did That” option.  And wait for Telegram’s reply. Telegram is the most responsive community you will ever meet.

But, if you have spammed other users by messaging them spam and inappropriate ads your ban can get worst and even you can get a permanent ban on your phone number. And if Telegram finds no claim then your account will be released from any restrictions soon. Thank you.