If you are looking to create a Telegram quiz game using Quiz Bot, welcome, you are in the right place, my friend. You will know about it elaborately in this article. Creating a Telegram quiz game is easier than you think. A quiz game in Telegram can also be hosted by another bot Quizarium.

Telegram has become a handy tool to spend some time playing quiz games using quiz bots and game bots. There is a lot of Telegram bots that are offering users to play quizzes there. I have just played some quizzes a few days ago. It was really amazing. This has been created as a way to spend some time and learn something too. Which is the best thing for me.

Because nowadays, social media and messengers have become a tool of time waste. And If you can transform the habit of your social media messenger app into learning something, it would be too good. In case, if you want to host a quiz in Telegram. You have to create your own Telegram bots and edit them with your own questions.

The process is not so hard. You do not need any kind of programming knowledge. Here in this article, I’ll try to explain how you can create your own Telegram quiz game using a quiz bot.

Telegram Quiz Game Using Quiz Bot

The process of creating quiz games isn’t so hard. But you need to follow some steps to do it. There is no default option to create a quiz in Telegram. But we can do it using a Telegram bot. The name of the bot is Quizbot. By using this bot, you will be able to create quizzes in Telegram. Here in the following, I’ll show you step by step process to create a quiz here in this bot of Telegram. Let’s begin the process.

First search for the quick bot in the search button. Then select the following bot and click on start. After clicking on the start option.

After clicking on the start button the bot will show you some options like the following Image. Now you have to click on Create New Quiz. Or there can be an option that says, start a quiz. I’ve already started one. So I’m clicking on Create New Quiz option.

After clicking on the Create New Quiz option. Now they will say you to give the title of your quiz. The process is hard to explain with screenshots. I am giving a video that will show you the full process of creating the quiz in Telegram. After watching the following video, I hope there won’t be any kind of confusion about the process of creating it. And trust me guys, the process is not hard, it’s easy.

I am hoping that, after watching this tutorial video. You will be able to create quizzes in Telegram using quiz bots. This is an amazing way to create questions and answers. Now you can share this quiz in your group also send it to contacts. Whenever they will tap on the ready button. The quiz will start and they will be able to answer those quizzes. And it automatically counts correct answers and it announces who gave the correct answer.

Telegram Quiz Bot

Thus, to create a Telegram quiz game using Quiz Bot is simple and you can organize a quiz contest between your friends or family, or even with public users of Telegram. I’ve already shown you the process with screenshots and a tutorial video. Still, if you have any questions on creating quizzes in Telegram. Feel free to put a comment in the following comment section.