Multiple Account Telegram On One App settings is the main concept of this article. Throughout this article, you will be learning all about the settings and the options for multiple accounts for Telegram. Well, Telegram allows using multiple accounts on a single app. And, how you can do it is the thing I will be telling you now. Telegram started its premium service, and any user can upgrade their account from a normal user to a premium user.

Add Multiple Account Telegram

Well, Telegram only allows one account on only one phone number. With a phone number, you can only open one Telegram account. And it did not even allow using two Telegram accounts on one app, But now Telegram allowed you to use multiple accounts on one app. Now you can use multiple accounts on one Telegram app.

[Note: The Telegram Account Phone Numbers Would Absolutely Vary From Others. But, You Can Still Use Multiple Telegram Accounts On One App] 

How to Add Multiple Account Telegram On One App

Adding multiple accounts on your Telegram mobile is a simple procedure. It doesn’t take any more time and you can always add more accounts on your Telegram app, you just need to have the phone closer to you while Telegram asks for a confirmation code. After you have confirmed your other accounts. Then you can always switch from one account to another without any hesitation or without any secondary authentication.

Procedure To Add Multiple Accounts On Telegram

  •  First, go to the menu Of your Telegram


Multiple Account Telegram

  • Click On The ” Dropdown ” menu and you see the ” Add account ” button

Add multiple accounts on Telegram

  • A new page will appear on your Telegram window. Now  you will need to click on the ” Log In Using Your Phone Number ” menu

  • Now This page will appear on your Telegram window, Select your country and Country code; and enter your phone number that has the Telegram account that you are willing to add on your app.

  • After giving the phone number; Telegram will send a confirmation code to the phone number that you have given. So, keep the phone closure to you that has the sim that you’ve entered on your account.
  • After you have completed logging into your second account; now you can toggle from one account to another without any other authentication.

That’s all; how you can add multiple accounts on your Telegram. And if you want to create a Telegram account without a real-time phone number we can help you with that too.