How Telegram makes money is far asked question among the users and the conversation starters. There are so many people asking the quest how Telegram makes money though it’s a free and open-source messaging system. And there are 700 million users of Telegram and their data takes up a lot of space it takes a lot of money to manage that much space and there is a need for a lot of manpower to manage that much user traffic.

So, the question is raised again, how Telegram makes money?

The Founding Of Telegram

Well, Telegram was first launched on the14 August 2013 for iOS and after that, it was launched on 20 October 2013. And, the data centers of Telegram were distributed into five data centers in different parts of the world, and the operational centers are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On January 2021 Telegram suppressed 500 million users,  and after that, the user of Telegram started raising gradually. And it got the 5th most used app place in the world.

Telegram was founded by the Russian brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. And, these two brothers previously founded the Russian VK which was taken over by the Russian government in 2014 Pavel Durov sold the left-over stake, and both Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov left Russia.

How Telegram Makes money

After that Telegram was registered as a company in the British Virgin Islands and as an LLC in Dubai. And Telegram got funding from the Digital Fortress Fund. And got a lot of funds from investors. From 2018 to 2019; Telegram got about  $1.7 billion from its investors. And that was the second staring or rising of Telegram. And after that so many ups and downs. But, Pavel Durov just got all the things up.

How Telegram Makes Money Now

And, thus Telegram is rising gradually and there is no problem with funding because of Pavel Durov’s entrepreneurship. And On June 19, 2022, Telegram launched its premium service, and now any user can upgrade their accounts to premium accounts. And with the premium account, Telegram has brought up so many new things that are exclusively for premium users. The features of the Telegram premium account will amaze you for a big time.

And, other than that Telegram now has so many big public groups where that run paid ads. but Mostly Telegram depends on Pavel Durov who is the founder of Telegram, with some investors in Telegram.

So, that’s how Telegram makes money,  And Telegram manages to earn enough money because it doesn’t have so many permanent employees or a huge company megastructure it always uses to solve most of its difficulties.