How to know if someone blocked you on Telegram or not? Well, it’s a common question that has so many answers and so many probabilities, and sometimes you may have been blocked by Telegram itself. Well, firstly I would say Telegram always says that Telegram is not a  social media and thus it’s no place to make new friends. So, always talk with the people that you know and that have business with you.

Why Can you Get Blocked On Telegram?

Well, actually to say anyone that you have or had a conversation with can block you anytime without any reason. And thus, hope your friend will not block you and have further conversations in the future. But, If you have messaged an unknown person that person can block you without any further notice. And sometimes Telegram believes in peace and a secure messaging system, so, don’t do anything fishy or spamming other contact is so many users report against you, your account can be suspended.

There is also a chance that your phone number can get permanently banned from Telegram and you can never create another id on Telegram with that phone number.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Telegram Or Not

It’s time I’m going to tell you how to know if someone blocked you on Telegram or not. There are not so many things that will help you understand whether you’ve been blocked from the id on Telegram or not. And, if you see the symptoms in the below text on your Telegram account then you can be sure that you have been blocked by the person on Telegram.

  • You will not see the Profile Picture of the person
  • you will not be able to see the Active Status of the person
  • Your messages will not be delivered
  • Your audio and video calls will not get connected to the person
  • After all these inabilities, you will not see the “Deleted Account” message from the Telegram

If these are the symptoms you are finding in a conversation on your Telegram account. That means you have been blocked by the person. And we feel sorry for you!!

So, these are all the things you will see in a conversation on your Telegram account if someone has blocked you on Telegram. But, if you are not seeing this symptom and still can’t message or call someone; there can be two- reasons. Number one is that you have been blocked by Telegram or the other person has updated his/her privacy settings and you can’t mess with them for that reason.