Telegram premium is a new era of Telegram. After waiting a long time, Telegram launched its premium service on June 21, 2022. The Telegram premium service exceeds all the limits of the Telegram messaging service.

So many new things and exclusive features are available for Telegram Premium users. Throughout this article, we will be learning about the Telegram premium service in detail.

We will start by learning from the short history of Telegram and why Telegram started its Premium service. However, it gives everyone the best free messaging, VoIP, and end-to-end encrypted video call service.

Why Telegram Came To Telegram Premium

Telegram is a cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging service that provides VoIP and end-t0-end encrypted video calling services. Telegram started its journey as a free, open-source instant messaging app that was launched on August 14- 2013, for iOS, and Android, it was launched on 20 October-2013.

Within a short time, Telegram became popular among the users and was mainly recommended by the users to other users. Telegram got its first 200 million monthly active users on March 22, 2018. After that, it didn’t take long to grab another 200 million active users on Telegram.

On April 24-2020, Telegram got 400 million monthly active users and took this messaging app to another level. It got another 300 million monthly active users, and with 700 million monthly active users, it stepped toward its milestone as one of the top 5 most used apps in this world.

Now Telegram is the 5th most used app in this world. To keep that much active user service on Telegram in a top-notch position, it will need more manpower and investment in security and other developments.

And, there is no ad shown on private chats by Telegram. Cause it was made the best messaging service for its users. But, Telegram managed to keep Telegram alive because of the personal funding of its CEO Pavel Durov and  Nikolai Durov.

And other than that, many other investors invested in Telegram, which helped it pay its debts of over $625.7 million. And Telegram gathered over $1.7 billion from investors by selling bonds of Telegram.

But, that’s not quite enough because there are so many security and database developments needed for Telegram that needs more funding to keep the Telegram service going.

So, Telegram first enables ads to show on the one-many user channels on Telegram from October 2020. And channels with over 1000 followers would show ads on the channels.

Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium

And for funding and further developments, Telegram started its Premium service journey on the  21st of June 2022.

Telegram is not only a free messaging app; Telegram is a Freemium app that gives free services and charges money for additional and exclusive services.

All The Features Of Telegram Premium

In the upper paragraphs, we learned how Telegram Free messaging service became a freemium messaging app service. In this article, we will learn about all the best and most available features that Telegram made available for its premium users.

The Telegram premium service needs to be renewed monthly with a fixed payment from the card you issued. And there is an automatic renewal system for your Premium Subscription. You will not need to renew your Premium Telegram service every month manually.

But, you can enable or disable it any month you like. Let’s talk about the features of Telegram premium in detail.

File Upload Size Limit Extends To 4GB

Any user on Telegram can upload any file up to 2GB in size and another person can download that anytime cause the file is uploaded on the Telegram cloud. But, Telegram thought that for a better file-sharing option, it enabled its premium users to upload a file up to 4GB.

The uploaded file can be downloaded by any user whether they are subscribed as a premium user or not.

Faster Download Speed For Premium Users

Telegram has enabled its premium users to get a faster file download speed, and you can access your downloaded or uploaded files as fast as your network can keep up.

You can always use unlimited cloud space as your file drivers that are important digital aspects of your life.

Doubled Limits On Almost All The Features

Telegram Premium service gives its users a double limit on most features. In the upper paragraphs, we got to know that Telegram has doubled up the limits of almost all its features of it. Let me give you the list of the extended limits of the feature for Telegram Premium users.

  • follow up to 1000 channels
  • Create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats
  • Add a fourth account to any Telegram app
  • Can pin up to 10 Chats in the main list
  • Can save up to 10 favorite stickers
  • Can write a longer Bio with links in it
  • Premium allows adding more characters in media captions
  • Can save up to 400 favorite GIFs
  • Premium users can reserve up to 20 public links
  • Can create channels and groups with short, concise links

Voice-to-Text Conversion System For Telegram Premium Users

Telegram has developed a new feature for Telegram Premium users to convert voice messages to texts. With this feature, you will not need to hear a voice message, and Telegram will convert the voice message to text for you.

If you want, you can also give ratings to the converted messages for Telegram’s improvement.

Uniques Stickers For Telegram Premium Users

Telegram premium users can have a lot of stickers with full-screen animations. And the stickers can be sent to all users. This would give all users a chance to experience the feel of premium Telegram.

The collection of premium stickers will be updated monthly by Telegram artists. And there is a dedicated section for premium Telegram stickers below the recently used stickers.

Unique Reactions For Telegram Premium Users

Though it’s not much of a needed feature, Telegram premium users can have more than 10 new emoji reactions on the messages. This update will make it easier to react to messages on any chat, group, or channel.

Chat Management Feature For Telegram Premium User

There is a great feature available for Telegram premium users that enables a premium user to organize his/her chat list.

With this feature, premium users can change their default chat folder; whenever the app opens, it opens on a custom folder that says Unread messages instead of All chats.

Premium Badges For Telegram Premium Users

Telegram has made a “Star” badge for its premium users, and the badge will be shown beside the name of the users, on the chat headers, and on member lists in groups.

This “Star” badge shows that the person is a Telegram premium user, hence a supporter and helper of Telegram. The Telegram premium will also be the part of the club that receives any exclusive features of Telegram first.

Premium App Icons For Telegram Premium Users

Telegram has enabled its premium users to use their preferred logo and for a better match with their personality or wallpaper; Telegram has given you a chance to choose from three different app icons. There is a Premium star, Night Sky, and a Turbo-plane.

Premium App Icons For Telegram Premium Users

Premium App Icons For Telegram Premium Users

No Ads For Telegram Premium Users

Sponsored messages are shown in large groups, Public One-to-many channels in some country regions. The sponsored minimalist messages are the ads that are shown on Telegram that help Telegram by supporting operating costs.

But, Telegram has decided not to show the ads to the Telegram premium users cause they support Telegram, too, like the minimal ads.

Most Useful New Features Of Telegram Premium

Though Telegram Premium has enabled its users to experience exclusive new features, not all the features of Telegram Premium are useful. Some features are not very important, but the small features make a great feel for a premium user.

Let me indicate to you the most useful features of Telegram premium.

Most Useful Features Of Telegram Premium 

  1. Extended upload file size
  2. Faster download speed
  3. Doubled limits of different features
  4. Voice-to-text conversion system
  5. Chat Management feature
  6. No ads for premium users

So, there are all the best features of Telegram Premium.

Why You will Need Telegram Premium

Well, all the Telegram users know about the Telegram premium, but there is another thing to consider. If you need Telegram premium or not.

On the 21st June of 2022, Telegram got listed on the world’s top 5 most downloaded apps and reached a new milestone of 700 million monthly active users. So, Telegram launched its premium access with so many exclusive features.

And, Telegram brought these features to its user’s cause. Telegram also needs support to maintain this much of its user’s security, user experience, and could servers with its employees.

So, if you enjoy Telegram with enhanced security and other user-friendly options, then you must support Telegram.

And suppose you use Telegram as your main collaboration, CRM, or personal messaging system. In that case, it’s a great option for you to use Telegram Premium and the premium features and more efficient and friendly experience. If you use it for official reasons, you must need Telegram Premium. 

You Will Not Need Telegram Premium If

We have already said why and when you will need Telegram Premium. Now we will discuss why and when you will not need Telegram Premium. If you are using Telegram once in a while, for some reason, for any specific work, for more personal use, then you will not need Telegram Premium.

But, if you want to support Telegram, please subscribe for Telegram premium. Cause it would help Telegram to operate itself properly.

So, this is all about Telegram Premium and its features. If you are interested in reading more articles like this, read more articles about Telegram here.