Telegraph Telegram Is A Revolution In Blogging undoubtedly considering you can just load up the page, write your content, and hit post! Live within seconds, this new platform that Telegram has shown to us can help in developing a richly built article or blog in mere seconds, use multimedia, and embedded links, write using your own style, and customize it as much as you want.

With all that and more just why won’t we call it a Revolution in blogging presented by Telegram? So without further ado let’s get to know more about this stuff.

Introduction to is a spectacular tool for publishing blogs. It isn’t wrong to say that this might be the most accessible content-writing tool out there. Heavy editing and multimedia bedding aside, you don’t even have to log in or have an account to share a post here. So, we can see this tool is one of the best when it comes to releasing anonymous content.

How Do You Use

There is nothing much to its usage, is probably one of the easiest publishing tools for blog posting out there. Open up the Page

Telegraph Telegram Is A Revolution In Blogging

Telegraph Telegram Is A Revolution In Blogging

As you can see, the opening page gives you a blank page where you can just go ahead and start writing your blog. First, there is nothing as hassling as logging in, navigating an account, and nothing that stuff. starting to write here, you can add your specified title, if you want to give your name or any anonymous name as the author, then start to write.

Not only writing, but You can also add links, and multimedia like YouTube videos, just paste them by clicking on the Camera Icon on the left side. as soon as you paste the link, the video will embed itself. Uploading photos to the blog is also as easy as eating a pie. with all that going on, there is little you can complain about.

When your writing is finished just hit publish to post the link. Though as a reminder, let me tell you, once you close the tab or even go back, you can’t ever edit or delete this post. given that, as long as you have the published link, you can share it as much as you want and it can work as your blog.

If you ever lose the link, then you will lose it forever, though the blog will still be live.

Telegraph Telegram Is A Revolution In Blogging

There are multiple ways you can blog and certainly a good one in Telegraph presented by Telegram. Telegraph lets users share their blogs maybe the simplest way there is. Not only that with the Telegraph Bot at your disposal, you can also get access to advanced like managing your articles or even get to know the statistics.

All in all, after publishing your article, you can copy the link directly and share it with your telegraph channels or groups just as easily. For its easy-to-access usability, many might think of it as a scam, but it is very secure. It is easier to write a single article that might not be important, but you still want to share it and keep it at hand. At the very least as long as the link is secure with you you can easily find the article.

Telegraph truly is revolutionary in the sense that blogging is something very influential to the current online world. Making releasing these blogs so easy, Telegraph can be used by anyone from anywhere, you don’t have to open or do a single extra thing aside from writing the blog.