Telegram not sending code is now a common issue that faces a lot number of users. Although, the telegram SMS code problem doesn’t happen frequently. But it doesn’t mean you won’t have to face SMS code problems. If Telegram not sending code or SMS code isn’t coming to your phone number, what should you do? Let’s dive deeper into this topic to know what it is and how to get rid of this unexpected problem.

Telegram Not Sending Code

What Is Telegram Verification Code

Telegram is super secure as a personal and official messaging application. You can use this cloud-based messaging service on desktop, android, and also on iOS. Telegram has their OTP (One Time Password) system called Telegram verification code or Telegram SMS code to make your Telegram account more secure.

When Does Telegram Send Verification Code?

A verification code means a one-time password that is sent to verify ownership. Telegram sends verification code in total three times.

  • While you are opening a new account on Telegram.
  • Connect to your account on another device.
  • Recovering password.

Telegram sends a verification code or SMS code to a user in these three conditions, which is essential. If there wasn’t something for verification, anyone could have access to your account.

Telegram Not Sending Code Error

Say you are new to Telegram or just creating a brand-new account on Telegram, you have submitted your phone number for the verification code, but after time spent, no verification code isn’t coming. Or it could be in other situations; like, you are trying to login into your account on another device, you have submitted your phone number, and input the correct password, but still, Telegram isn’t sending you the SMS code that you need to log in to your account. This is an error, and we are addressing this error as a “Telegram Not Sending Code Error.”

Why Telegram Not Sending Code?

There could be several problems with why you won’t get the Telegram SMS code. It can be your fault or can be a technical error. Some anticipated problems for not getting verifications are:

  • You may have entered the wrong phone number.
  • Your phone number may have missed the country code.
  • Telegram asks whether they will send the code on another device or to your phone number.
  • You have already input the wrong OTP.
  • If you have tried many times.
  • Your submitted SIM hasn’t been under the proper network.

These are the expected problems for which you can’t get an SMS code. There could be some other problems too.

Get Rid of Telegram SMS Code Problem

Here are solutions to these problems given below by which you can solve this issue and get a verification code.

For A New Account

If you are trying to create a new Telegram account and having this error, you need to check these things:

  • Check whether your phone number is correct or not. You can mistake your phone number, and maybe the SMS code is sent to the mistaken number.
  • If your phone number is correct and you aren’t getting the verification code, you might not have your SIM under the perfect network. Telegram is sending you code, but you aren’t getting code for network issues.
  • Check whether your phone is in flight mode or not!
  • Restart your device.
  • Allow the Telegram app to send you notifications and calls; because sometimes Telegram calls your number for the verification code instead of SMS.

For An Existing Account

If you already have an account and you are trying to log in your account, check the checklist to solve your issue:

  • Check your other device where Telegram is already logged in. Telegram sends a code to your Telegram account. There you will have a sender named, Telegram. All updated history, news, verification codes, and other information are sent to you from this sender.
  • Reinstall the Telegram app. If you use the web version, then try it after some time.
  • Sometimes you get blocked for trying many times, and Telegram shows a pop-up notification, Too Many Attempts. To solve this issue, try again later.
  • Be sure your phone number is written correctly or not.

Recovering Existing Account

Telegram also sends verification codes while you are trying to recover your account. If you can’t remember your previous password and want to log into your account, you have to verify it’s you.

  • Select your country code correctly, and input your correct phone number.
  • Reinstall the Telegram application if needed.
  • Allow notifications, calls, and SMS of your phone from the setting.
  • Be patient, give it some time, and try again later.
  • If your Telegram account has already been deleted after the period, you may face this issue. Then try a new account.


Before logging into your existing account or creating a new account, be sure your phone number is okay, and your SIM is getting the proper network from the operator. If you want to log into your account from a different device, check your Telegram account which you already have logged in to. Telegram likes to send SMS codes to your account instead of your phone number for your existing account.

Telegram not sending code is so dull, I know. Because I also had to go through this problem. But now I know it’s nothing serious. If it were so easy, then Telegram wouldn’t be very sure about your account’s security. I hope you understand.