Have you ever seen that any social media like Facebook and Whatsapp application has its own media player? I think the answer is No. But the most surprising information is the Telegram messenger has its own media player though it is also a social media.

This Telegram media player is included with so many features and functions like sending or receiving media. Here you will know some more information about the media player. So, keep reading if you are interested to know about the Telegram media player.

Telegram Media Player

The Telegram media player is the most unique and outstanding feature for a messaging service like a Telegram. This media player is very useful for sending any video format to your Telegram Messenger friends or playing any video format and receiving from friends via the Telegram Messenger app. A Telegram user always provides an opportunity to listen to music in Telegram without any restrictions.

Telegram media player

The most helpful feature of this media player is it can play unsupported video formats that your Telegram Messenger app or your iPhone and the iPad device can’t Play. Including these unsupported formats, there has AVI, asf, Divx, Flv, m2ts, Mpeg, Mpg, Mkv, MOV, mp4, mp3, mss2, WMA, WMV, Xvid & more! Also, supporting HD (720), FullHD (1080), and UHD (2k)* videos are the most marked.

Features Of Telegram Media Player

The Telegram media player has so many features and functions, and it is straightforward to use these features. This media player is very clean in design that provides a very simple but unique look. Any Telegram user can create a folder, move files in that folder, and edit file names. But in that case, you must need the pro version of the Telegram media player.

The pro version of this media player also has passcode Lock files and a folders feature. Some other useful features of this Telegram media player are loop videos, creating custom playlists, and a powerful media player with various controls.

Send Videos On Telegram Media Player

A Telegram account owner can easily send videos by this Telegram media player. Telegram media player enables a Telegram user to select the video you want to send via Telegram messenger if they have a video that you want to send to friends. So that you must have installed the Telegram messenger app to send videos on the Telegram media player, and your friend to whom you want to send videos needs to have the media player app installed on their device.

They will be able to play any unsupported videos you send them. You can send any videos, ADD videos to the apps Media Library via syncing videos via iTunes from your PC, Import from Cloud Storage such as; Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, and videos attached in your Email.

Receive Videos On Telegram Media Player

You also can receive videos from your Telegram friends on the media player. Mainly you can download the video from inside Telegram Messenger when you receive a video from a friend via Telegram Messenger if you are a Telegram user.

This media player can receive and play videos that you cannot play on your Telegram Messenger app or your iOS device. These downloaded videos will automatically be saved to the apps Media Library. Telegram users can play these videos again and at any time.

Here you will not need any internet connection and can delete these videos from the app’s Media Library screen.

I hope now I have been able to clear you the Telegram media player. If you have any questions or anything to know, you can inform your question in the following comment box. We will try to provide your level best. Though here, I had added all the needed data about this Telegram media player.

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