Telegram fonts are a fantastic feature as Telegram has many features available for its users worldwide. And day by day, their features are increasing. I was writing various articles about those features of Telegram, and I was astonished.

This messaging platform is good, man, until a new update with a disappointing change. Hopefully, that won’t come. Last year, after the security update of Whatsapp, people chose Telegram.

And the number of users of Telegram are increasing at a very high rate. There are several reasons for that. The features that Telegram has been unique. Beyond all features, today, here in this article. We will be talking about the text style only.

In this article, I will show you the full process of changing text style in conversation on Telegram. It is really important to highlight some points of your text with styles. So I’m here with a full step-by-step process. So let’s begin the process of changing the font.

Change Font, Strikethrough, Bold, Italic In Telegram Conversation

There are many ways you can change your font style while conversing with someone on Telegram. You can change your font via a bot or by using a third-party keyboard or using some symbols, and so on. I’ll show you the easiest way to change font style in Telegram.

The way that can be followed so easily. I will show you how to change the normal text to bold, italic, and strikethrough. The process is easier than you think. So let’s start.

To change your normal font into bold text. You have to type **yourtext**, and that’s it. After sending it, it will become a bold text in Telegram. Just like the following image:


To change your normal font into an italic font. You have to type _ this symbol twice, like this __YourText__. Give you an example with a screenshot in the following. So it will be more straightforward for you.

And lastly, to strikethrough your text. You have to type ~~YourText~~ and then send it. Your text will automatically be transformed into strikethrough in the Telegram conversation. Let me give you an example with a screenshot of the following :

Another Easy Way to Telegram Fonts

If you think the process I’ve already explained is hard for you. Then I have an easier way to change text or font style in Telegram. This process is much easier and does not need any symbols or bots.

You have to type text and select specific options to change your font. Here in the following, I’m giving you the full tutorial to change the font style in Telegram in an easier way.

After typing a sentence in the text box of Telegram, you have to select all the text you want to change or transform. After selecting sentences or words, you will have options like these screenshots.

Here you can choose the bold choice. And the purple rounded menu has other styling options too. Just like the following image in the following:

After clicking on that option, your text in the text box will automatically be transformed. And thus, you can change your font in Telegram so easily. I have reached the end of this article.

I hope the process I’ve shown to you is easy. And both of the processes to change the text in Telegram are easy. You can follow any of these methods you want.

Still, if you are facing trouble changing font styles in the Telegram conversation, please let us know. And if you can change it, say thank you as a reply. It will motivate me to write more helpful content.