Telegram is a popular instant messaging platform and is used by millions of people around the world. It provides a convenient way to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. that’s not all, with its popularity it has also attracted a large number of spam bots. They can be very annoying and can send you unsolicited messages, ads, and links to users. thankfully there are many ways you can deal with these spam bots and make your lives easier.

In this article, we will show you how you can effectively deal with these bots and make your group channels a fresh and clean look.

How to Recognize Spam Bots on Telegram

Before we dive into the topic of how we can stop spam bots on Telegram, let us learn some basic information on what Spam bots are in Telegram and how they work.

Spam bots are a part of Telegram and Telegram has actually made it possible for you to recognize them pretty easily. Though they can be spamming Bots, or helping bots that manage your groups and channels, every bot would have (Bot)  in their handle.

Types of Spam Bots on Telegram

We can distinguish Spam bots into two different categories: one is the Actual Telegram bots whiches are very useful from different perspectives and another one is the Bots that pose as regular users

Actual Telegram bots

These bots’ sole purpose is to spam your groups. You can recognize them pretty easily since their handle would be like (@somethingbot), The handle would End with (bot) which is a Telegram requirement for all its bots on the platform. There has been a dramatic drop in the number of spam bots after using the actual Telegram API since 2020. it could be that the Telegram team organized the issue to be dealt with or these bots were too obvious to be blocked by even simple anti-spam bots.

Bots That Pose As regular Users

Using the same connectivity as any other user would do to connect in Telegram. These bots are nearly impossible to spot until they actually start spamming. if you have encountered such bots then you know, these bots look like normal user accounts, and often they have realistic profile pictures (of course these are stolen from social media), they even have Human-like profile descriptions. this is where catching a professional anti-spam bot comes in handy.

Telegram Promotional Scams For Groups

What could be the reason for spam attacks in your group? Well, the truth of the matter is, the group owner can be the main fault for these spam attacks. Yes, you’ve read it right.

Usually group owners try to make their group more popular, though you can do it by working hard, there is still an easy way to increase your group members. you can purchase group members from the internet. Spending money can easily make it possible, but at the end of the day, you would only get bots to join your groups.

These members that are sent to your account are actually bots participating as regular users. in a way, with this, you can grow your group members sure, but it is still temporary. not only that, most of these accounts are actually controlled by a single person, the one you actually paid to promote your group.

these bots can promote your group for sure but when someone else pays that person too, they can easily spam your groups with other promotional materials. So don’t believe in “real members” and “guarantee”- you will always end up losing your money and also risk real users from leaving your group if the spamming gets worse.

Attack Type of Telegram Bots

after learning about the serious threats of these spam bots in your group, you know that they can not only invade your group’s privacy they can just as easily leak important information.

Porn spam on Telegram

A spammer can even offer you the service of disabling the group by drip-feeding the group with fake accounts, They can wait for a few days before sending messages containing Pornography or even illegal materials. After that, they can report messages sent to the group with the same accounts to which Telegram support would naturally block the group as it would be considered unsafe for users. you can make Telegram group management bots for NSFW scanning features to prevent such attacks and save your groups.

Attention-grabbing Spam

This is another type of attack that can be considered quite an old one. Joining the group as regular users these bots bypass the group’s anti-spam protection. after which they change their profile pictures to explicit images, other times their profile description can be filled up with clear content and links.

after some time these bots try to send out emojis or even voice notes, we call these “attention-grabbing” messages. they wait to find less cautious users to contact them in private and never reply to any private messages.

If they can successfully contact you, they can send you viruses to scam your information, such as your pictures/ personal details.

We’d like to warn anyone even attempting to do so, spammers can most likely report the messages as spam to telegram support after which you would lose the privilege of messaging people privately or even joining the groups for some time.

Stopping Spam Bots And Reducing Risk To Your Groups

  1. Use Telegram’s built-in anti-spam features such as Restricted Mode and blocking specific users, bots, or channels. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Restricted Mode and turn on the toggle switch. This will restrict messages from unknown contacts, bots, and channels. You can also block specific users, bots, or channels by tapping on their profile and selecting the Block option.
  2. Use a third-party bot such as Anti-Spam Bot to automatically block spam bots and delete their messages. To use this bot simply add it to your group or channel and grant it the necessary permissions. You can also configure the bot to send you notifications when it blocks a spam bot.
  3. Use CAPTCHAs to prevent spam bots from accessing your Telegram group or channel. When a user wants to join your group or channel, they will be required to solve a CAPTCHA before they are granted access. This would immensely help you prevent automated bots from joining, though keep in check as sometimes this feature can kick out real people too.
  4. Use moderation tools such as slow mode and approval mode to manage your group or channel and prevent spam bots from flooding it with messages. For Example, you can enable slow mode, it can limit the frequency at which users can send you messages.  You can also enable approval mode so that only messages approved by the moderator can be posted.
  5. Educate your users on the risks of spam bots and provide guidelines on how to spot and avoid them. The more they know about these bots and their ways the more they can use their tools effectively. This way the users can help by reporting these bots to the moderator and the moderator can take up measures to prevent these bots from operating anymore. You can also make guidelines on spotting spam bots and avoiding clicking links or downloading files from unknown sources.


Q: What are some built-in anti-spam features in Telegram?

A: Telegram’s built-in anti-spam features include Restricted Mode and the ability to block specific users, bots, or channels.

Q: What is the Anti-Spam Bot?

A: The Anti-Spam Bot is a third-party bot that can automatically block spam bots and delete their messages.

Q: How do CAPTCHAs help prevent spam bots on Telegram?

A: CAPTCHAs are a challenge-response test that distinguishes between humans and bots. By requiring users to solve a CAPTCHA before joining your group or channel, you can prevent automated bots from flooding it with spam messages.

Q: What are some moderation tools in Telegram that can help prevent spam bots?

A: Telegram’s moderation tools include slow mode, which limits the frequency at which users can send messages, and approval mode, which requires messages to be approved by a moderator before they are posted in the group or channel.

Q: How can educating users help prevent spam bots on Telegram?

A: By educating users on the risks of spam bots and providing guidelines on how to spot and avoid them, you can create a more aware and vigilant community that can help report and prevent spam bots.


Congratulations! With all the information you have learned from this post, you are now equipped with a lot of ways and tools to deal with Telegram spamming bots. And by now your group should have become Spam free.