Show ads on Telegram without any kind of third-party deals and just following some simple steps you can show your ads on various groups for quite simple payment. And throughout this article, you will learn the procedure to show ads on Telegram from the official Telegram ads platform. Well, there are so many things on Telegram that made it more focusable than any other messaging app. And with features and other factors, Telegram is becoming more like a secure social community that believes in healthy communication.

How Telegram Menages Their Ad Platform?

Well, advertising on Telegram is mainly based on the one-to-many channels with at least 1000+ subscribers and is limited to 160 characters. All the ads are by the public or other users on Telegram, and Telegram ads just start the ad runner, and there is no peeking or data collection from the app or the ads. Context-based ads on Telegram are mainly based on the language and approximate topics of the channels; the advertisers choose where to show the ad.

And it’s also possible to select on which channels the ads will be shown and on which channels the ads will not be shown by the advertisers. And Telegram doesn’t track the interactions with the ads from the private chats and even it also prevents external links in sponsored messages to ensure that no third party can track its users.

What’s The Revenue Sharing Policy On Telegram Ads?

Well, till this moment Telegram doesn’t share any revenue with the channel owners; cause the sponsored messages are currently in test mode. And once Telegram fully launches its sponsored messages system or ad system; after Telegram covers its basic costs, Telegram will start sharing the ad revenue with the public channel owners in which the sponsored messages are displayed.

But, till now there is no scope for revenue sharing policy with public channel owners on Telegram.

How to Show Ads On Telegram Channels?

well, showing ads on Telegram channels is not that much of difficult thing to do. By following some simple steps you can run your ads on different Telegram channels. here you will find the step-by-step procedure to run and show Ads on Telegram channels. So start to step with me,

Step-1: Go to Telegram Ads Platform & Log In

How To Show Ads On Telegram step-1


  • Log In to your Telegram account filling the necessary information And click “Next
How To Show Ads On Telegram- step-2


  • After logging in to the Telegram add platform; Telegram will send you a confirmation message via Telegram to confirm that it was you and you are trying to run ads on Telegram through the Telegram ad Platform. Press the “Confirm” button
How To show Ads On Telegram


  • Then again you will be seeing this page on the Telegram Ads platform page with your profile. Click on your profile, another form will appear

  • Now, you will see another form and fill up form with the necessary information.
  • And now this is your Telegram ad profile and it’s a personal profile shown below. If you want to create an ad, then click on “Create a New Ad


  • Now, after you have selected the “Create a new ad” option there will be another page appear on your window.

  • Now, Fill in all the necessary information you they are asking for and run your Ad on Telegram. You can navigate your ad from your ad profile, you can see the number of impressions, and your budget can be extended by adding funds to your Telegram ad profile.

So, that’s how to show ads on Telegram by Telegram ads platform. And there are some important notices on the Telegram Ad Policies and Guidelines. And if you are tucked on a verse before showing the ad from the Telegram Ad platform. That must be adding funds to your Telegram ad profile.