Export Telegram chat history like WhatsApp. If you are a regular WhatsApp user, you should know about this useful feature for exporting chat history. Including so many features, chat history export is one of the most useful features in WhatsApp. But recently, Telegram also added this feature to back up your chat history automatically.

Here you guys will know how to export Telegram chat history or take automatic backup. So if you are a Telegram user and still don’t know about the use of the export chat history feature, you can check it out right here.

Ways To Export Telegram Chat History

Export Telegram chat history is a useful feature of the app, a useful tool for many situations.

This feature has added a huge jump in users’ experience. Telegram has added the export chat history feature to make it easy to save the chat history and all the images and other media sent between you and a contact.

You can follow these guidelines to export a chat in Telegram to save on your device.

Export Telegram Chat History

Export Telegram Chat History

1st Step: In the first step, you need to install the Telegram app on your device or Telegram desktop if you haven’t installed it yet. Click on the icon to open it after installation.

2nd Step: The next step is to open the chat option that you want to export

3rd Step: Now time to click on the three dots in the top right side of the chat window and then on ‘Export chat history.’

4th Step: Here, you can select either HTML or JSON format and the path to export the selected chat history on your device.

5th Step: Now, turn to the final step; click Export to save all the text and files you selected. The chat history will automatically be started exporting after clicking on the start export button.

Export Telegram Chat History From Chats

Export Telegram chat history; well now we will be knowing the steps to export Telegram chat history.

But, there is also a feature to export the data from all of your telegram chats at once. Now time to know how to export Telegram chat history at once. So keep scrolling.

1st Step: First, you need to open the Telegram application on your device and go to the app settings by clicking on the menu icon on the top left side of the app and going to the Advanced options.

2nd Step: Now, click on ‘Export Telegram data.’ Here you need to ensure you have the ‘Personal chats’ box activated from the ‘Chat export settings’ section. Then click on export.

3rd Step: In the last step, you have to click on ‘Show my data’ to access the chat history and other files you chose to export when the app is exporting your chat history.

Now that you know how to export Telegram chat history, it’s as easy as pie, and this also contains images and other media sent between you and a contact.

The most important information to export Telegram chat history is that the user has to have the latest version of Telegram Desktop to export chats.

I think it is clear to you guys to export the chat history in the telegram messenger. Here I tried to add all the accurate tips for exporting your chat history on Telegram.

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