New updates are out so let’s get to know Telegram’s best features in 2023 now!

Telegram is a popular online messenger used by over 700 million people from all over the world, and since it’s so popular, you know that the Users are always happy to get more updates and find more content to use in their favorite chatting platform.

So here in this article, we have come to tell you what the Telegram new update has brought to the table!

Telegram Best Features to Know – Major Update of 2023

The new update that came just as the year had started, Telegram came with multiple unique and fancy features that would let you express even more of yourself online, in a new and animated way!

Profile Photo Maker

Telegram has made it possible so you can quickly turn any sticker or animated emoji into a profile picture for your accounts, groups, or channels. Everyone can use Animated and Custom emojis for these pictures, even if they don’t have Telegram premium. not only that, you can even set or suggest profile pictures for your contacts- try editing contacts info on Telegram, and you will see how such a fun feature was added.

Telegram Best features

“Telegram Best features”

Translating Entire Chats

Premium users can now translate entire chats, groups, and channels in real time by tapping the translate bar at the top. the options menu lets you hide the bar and control which languages are translated. of course, all users can still translate individual messages by selecting them and tapping ‘translate’

Emoji Categories

Stickers and emoji are now sorted by categories like  👍 ❤️ or 💤 in the panel and when choosing reactions or statuses, hold any emoji to zoom in and get a better look before sending. Be careful though, there are millions of different stickers and emojis but don’t forget, choosing the right one doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Telegram Best features

“Telegram Best features”

Network Usage

Now you can see how much data has been used by Telegram with a detailed pie chart for Wifi and mobile data- just adjust your auto-download settings to suit your data plan.

Telegram Best features

“Telegram Best features”

Auto-save Incoming Media

You can control when media is saved automatically to your gallery based on its size, type, and which chat was received from. this menu now also supports exceptions, so you can only save exactly what you want. since Telegram cloud also has your data, you could always keep your phone free of media and documents until you actually need them.

Granular Media Permissions

Admins can now choose whether group members are allowed to send 9 distinct media types- like photos, voice, or video messages. they can also disable text messages to make a media-only group.

Chat Selection for Bots

Bot developers can add special buttons which help users select groups, channels, or people that meet predefined criteria. for example, this can quickly add the bot to a group where the user is an admin and topics are enabled. Know more about bots!

Power Saving Mode

Telegrams’ beautiful animations and lightweight effects are optimized to make any phone feel powerful, but can now be disabled to extend battery life and improve performance on older devices.

this power-saving mode can be set to automatically turn on when your battery reaches a certain percentage- with individual toggles that let you disable specific effects.

Granular Playback Speed

for years, Telegram users have been able to change the playback speed for videos, podcasts, and voice and video messages, now you can have even more flexibility just by holding the 2X button, you can choose any speed between 0.2x–2.5x.

Shareable Chat Folders

Chat folders can now be shared with a link- inviting your friends or colleagues to dozens of work groups, collections of news channels, and more. with one tap, they will add the folder and instantly join all its chats.

Better Bots

Telegram bots are able to host seamless web apps, bringing services and utilities to millions of users- these web apps can now be launched in any chat.

Our apps of bots that support this feature can be accessed via a direct link or by mentioning the bot’s username in any chat on Telegram. when launched in a group, web apps can now support collaboration and multiplayer features for members.

this further expands the opportunities for 3rd party developers and merchants on Telegram- of course, all of them are free of charge in Telegram.

Other Notable Updates

Other than those mentioned above, there are a lot more updates that have happened in 2023,

  • Read time in groups, making it easier to read receipts. In groups under 100 members now show the time when your messages were read by each person.
  • Auto-save invite links, making it possible for you to send links in chats.
  • Dynamic order for sticker packs makes it easier since recently used stickers stay at the top of your panel.
  • Improved folder supports for iOS
  • With new animated emojis and even more interactive emojis and reactions.
  • you can now save up to 40% on your Telegram premium by prepaying for a year of exclusive features.
  • Re-Login with Apple and Google ID which makes it easier for logged-out users to log in again with 2-step verification.
  • You can now put custom wallpapers in specific chats making you style your personal chats with your own uniqueness.

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Telegram has always been one of the most popular messenger apps, and their update shows just how much promising they are, all these updates not only accommodate all types of users, Telegram has now been able to show its uniqueness even in 2023 as all of their updates have garnered quite a few likes and great popularity. It’s easy to say that if you liked Telegram before you might like it even more now!