Fake phone numbers can sometimes be needed as normally every cloud-based instant messaging platform needs you to input your mobile number before you can create an account there, just as the others, so does Telegram need you to create an account.

With the number you provide, you will be able to receive a confirmation code to finish your set-up process and start enjoying this coveted platform. this step is needed so that spam accounts and bots get prevented from making accounts.

Some people still do not feel comfortable giving their phone numbers for privacy concerns. so if your want to know if you can create a Telegram account without one, then you’re in the right place, we can help you figure it out!

Note: Telegram allows you to hide your phone number and use your username instead, Still if you feel insecure and have trust issues, you can still go ahead and keep reading this article, it will surely help you.

Fake Phone Number For Telegram

It’s impossible to make a Telegram without a phone number after all, and you can have serious trust issues if you still want to find a way, but let’s not Judge your intentions and focus on the concern here.

feeling uncomfortable leaving their footprints in the digital world? that can be pretty normal, in today’s day and age, when hacking and scamming activities are more rampant, you should have proper caution.

Similarly, some can also want to create a Telegram account from their spare devices, or you can have a need for another Telegram account for businesses. you can’t use the same number as your personal Telegram account.

Since Telegram does not let you use the same number to create multiple accounts, you have to get another number.

now then, if these are your concerns and you want to keep your information a lot more private then we have good news, we can bypass this requirement if you follow these neat little tricks.

Though you need a phone number to create your Telegram account, you can still have your way with a fake phone number. since you need your phone number only once after creating your account and verifying it you can stop worrying about it.

Now then, let’s go ahead and create a Telegram account without the phone number and enjoy using it.

Using Fake Phone Number Apps

There are a lot of apps that can get you a fake phone number (from any country)

Get the fake number after downloading the app use it to get a Number and use it on Telegram. after getting the verification code, you can complete the registration process.

For an Example

There is an app called Burner it’s available for both iOS and Android users. there are many apps like this, you can use them too, whichever is easier for you, since all these apps have the same process it is almost similar to all of them.

 How you can use the Burner app

So to use the Burner app,  follow these steps.

  1. Download the app and launch it.
  2. Tap on the “Choose your number”
  3. Enter the Area code (the USA or Canada) in the provided space and tap on “Find Numbers” to generate the list of Available numbers.
  4. Next, select from the list of fake numbers, you just need one.
  5. Continue and hit “Free Trial”.
  6. Go to the Telegram app.
  7. Enter the fake number you got from the Burner app and tap “Next.”
  8. Telegram will send the verification code. find it in the Burner app.

now you can enjoy using your Telegram without any worry in the world.

since there are many fake phone number apps and even some websites that provide you with this service, you can have infinite options. go ahead and search for one you like and use it in the same way shown here.

An alternative suggestion

if you’re in the USA you actually have another way to get a phone number, that is to use Google Voice. The only thing is, you need to give Google your actual number to use Google Voice.

Follow these steps to create a Telegram account with Google Voice:

  1. Launch the Google Voice app.
  2. Log in and start searching by city or area code in the space provided.
  3. select the number from the list and tap “Verify”
  4. Enter your phone number and tap on “send Code”
  5. Note your number and use it on Telegram.

A few odd methods

You can also use these methods, though they are a bit different, you can still find some of them useful too.

  • Get a temporary SIM card to use on Telegram, you can always discard it afterward.
  • You can use a number from your Family and friends too. Of course, you have to have their approval.
  • find a website that can provide you with Fake numbers online. there are temporary numbers that you can rent for a few hours too.


There are some things you have to watch out for if you use these methods to open a Telegram account, The apps and websites for Fake numbers normally give you temporary numbers and they can always get deactivated or go off service or someone else can even use them too,

so you have to look out for privacy matters, in which case using a Virtual Phone number is recommended though after the free trial is over, you would need to use the money to keep using the Virtual numbers, with reputable providers, you will have no worries for privacy breaches at all, so the pros are still quite attractive.


It’s easy to conclude that without a phone number, it’s not possible to open a Telegram. so, if you are mulling over what you could do, the Fake number is the easiest way you can achieve your goal. your worry about Privacy matters would be long gone after utilizing this article,

feel free to reach out and comment on any issues encountered! And, by this time you can also check the article about how you can use Telegram without a phone number too