WhatsApp alternatives that may be are better than WhatsApp in different features. let’s speak about those through this article. We are living in the age of Technology. And at this age, there is nothing more important than information. Almost all the people worldwide who are connected with the virtual world are very concerned about their data, even me.

Because data theft has become a common matter, even some platforms are selling users’ data publicly, such as Facebook; however, WhatsApp is not out of this scandal. WhatsApp recently updated, and after getting the update, it has announced a new privacy policy that does not allow users to keep their private data secure.

Are the users have no privacy in the virtual world? Yes, they have! Users have to come to the right place to rest assured with their valuable data. In this article, I will write about some of the messaging apps, which ensure the Data safety of users and provide highly secure services.

Let’s talk about it; keep reading. Before getting started, you should know what’s wrong with WhatsApp and why it shares users’ data with Facebook.

What’s Wrong With WhatsApp

Almost everyone knows about WhatsApp; it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It started its journey in January 2009, almost 12 years ago. According to the information from a valuable source, it has been shown that every month approximately two billion users are accessing this messaging app.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, now WhatsApp is the sub-company of Facebook. Recently WhatsApp brought an update; from this update, all the user data like phone numbers, address books, pictures, and the contents of some messages will now be automatically shared with its parent company Facebook.

After getting this news, the privacy-conscious people are becoming apprehensive, and that’s why I am going to talk here about some of the apps which don’t share users’ data with anyone. These could be the alternative to WhatsApp.

Here Are Four WhatsApp Alternatives Apps That Don’t Share Your Data.

It will be wrong to say that there is no privacy in the virtual world. Still, many messaging apps have no intention to interfere with the user’s privacy; these are Telegram, Signal, Threema, and Wickr Me. Know more about these apps that you can consider to migrate your messaging.

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 1

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 1


Telegram must be at the front of the list when it’s about first and secure messaging. Telegram is an open-source messaging app that started its journey in 2013. In the present world, where people are very concerned about their privacy, this messaging app is one of the most secure messaging apps.

People can use this app for free; it has many unique features. The innovative features of Telegram make it one of the most popular messaging apps than other. Presently it has 500 million active users worldwide. Overall, telegram is one of the best messaging for messaging and maintaining users’ privacy.

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 2

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 2


The Signal is a cross-platform messaging software that is centralized and encrypted. When asked about higher security, Signal would be the best messaging app. It considers the best encrypted instant messaging app in the present world. The signal is one of the leading competitors of Telegram.

But in the case of security, Signal must be ahead of Telegram; the best feature of Signal is the data encryption. It has many amazing features like timed auto-lock features, self-destructing features, screen security features, etc.

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 3

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 3

Wickr Me

Family privacy is a big thing for us. Almost everyone tries to keep their family topics hidden from unknown persons. But when we communicate with our family through online messaging apps, is our privacy kept hidden?

Wickr Me assuring you that you can keep all your data private and secure. The Wickr Me is made for communicating with your best friends and family. It is a free messaging app, also the premium available.

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 4

4 WhatsApp Alternatives: no 4


All the Threema apps I have talked about above are free to use, but the Threema is a fully paid messaging app. Three worth the price for users cause it has given some tremendous services, such as never storing the user Data so much, it permanently deletes messages right after they are received. In my opinion, Threema commits to the idea that privacy is worth paying for.

That’s all about the 4 alternative messaging apps that never share your data. If you are a privacy concern man, you should use one of these messaging apps to secure your data. I hope this article was helpful to you; share it with your friends and let them know about it.

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