Knowing how to Backup Telegram chat should be quite important since, People who use Telegram every day, have a lot of messages from them being important to being just casual but they are all still important. Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps which is widely used for personal and professional chatting and meetings. it provides privacy and encryption with stellar messaging features that attract most of its audiences. With such features, think about losing valuable information such as your chat history, shared documents, and even multimedia files! Here you’re going through the easiest process of how to backup Telegram chat.

Reasons Why Telegram Chat Could Get Erased

The chat history of the telegram is protected by several steps of security, so it’s kind of impossible to get erased it automatically. Here are the most frequent two reasons to get lost the history.

  1. When the Telegram Account gets blocked by the authority (Though it happens rarely).
  2. You could also delete your telegram account yourself permanently.
  3. If your Telegram Account gets hacked.

Backup Your Telegram Chat And Files- Step by Step

The reason why you should back up your Telegram chat history, or else you can easily lose the valuable messages that you could need in the future. With that as the subject, we will talk about How to back up your Telegram chat and restore your deleted history.

Read on as we easily explain how you can get your deleted Telegram messages without any hassle or wasted time!

so, having a backup of your Telegram information is a Job that brings no harm. One day for any amount of reason, you might need that information, there could be something important, and having that backed up only would ease your job. So you better save a copy of your data somewhere for a day like that.

Backup Telegram Chat on Mobile App

First, open the Telegram app on your Device and go to “Settings”. Tap on “Chat Settings” and then on “Chat Backup”  

For backing up you can either try to back up in your Locale Device or on a cloud platform (I.e., Google Drive or iCloud) you could choose both for safety measures in case either one disappears.

if you back up on Google Drive or iCloud, you could make the backup automatic by scheduling the backup to every day, week, or month to your preference.

Backup Telegram Chat on Desktop Version App

Backup telegram chat on Desktop Version is quite an easy process. Just follow the following steps to have a backup Telegram chat before it gets deleted.

Step 1: Install Telegram’s Desktop version and Login with your account.

Step 2: On its interface Click the Three horizontal lines on the top left corner to see the Menu screen. Select Settings > Advanced.

Step 3: After Tapping on Advanced, scroll down to the bottom to find Export Telegram data.

Step 4: Now check on the fields that you want to back up one by one and then choose the format and tap Export at the bottom

After tapping on Export and choosing the download path you can find your backup on your locale storage,  Once the Data is exported, open the HTML file to view your messages.

3. Telegrams Images Folder

Whenever someone sends you a photo on Telegram, it is automatically saved in the images folder.

So even if you delete the chat, you can still recover the images from that folder. Check out how to Recover deleted messages of Telegram from the images folder:

Step 1: Launch the File Manager on your phone.

Step 2: Now, go to StorageInternal Storage >Telegram.

Step 3: Here, find and open the folder named Telegram Images that contains your image files.

See Deleted SMS in Telegram via Android Cache Folder

if you are still unable to recover your deleted Telegram Messages worry not we also have another simple way, consider accessing the Android Cache Folder to find your lost Messages.

What you need to do is, every Android App stores Temporary files called cache. It’s a valid possibility that the deleted contents are still in that folder. so it’s worth looking for at least once.

Step 1: Open the Android File Manager App.

Step 2: Navigate to Android > Data > org.telegram.messenger > Cache.

Step 3: look for deleted Content.

Recover Telegram Messages Via Contact Telegram Support

If nothing works to recover your Telegram messages, then you can always try contacting Telegram customer service. You need to convince the agent to restore the deleted messages for you – Telegram still has the authority to reject your Request, so this is the last possible way.


Apart from those listed above you can also back up your Telegram Data via other 3rd party apps and cloud services, but be careful that your personal information and data do not get breached. only use trusted storage services and locale devices for greater security.


As you can see from above, there are multiple ways to back up your Telegram chat, if you follow these steps properly. Even if your chat history or media files get deleted you can always recover from the backup and restore in Telegram messages 2023. Most of these solutions are easy and free so you don’t have to be in any hassle to do any of these. Read the article about Things to Consider before deleting your Telegram Account permanently.


Question: Can I back up my Telegram chats without using Google Drive or iCloud?

A: No, you can only back up your Telegram chats to either Google Drive or iCloud.

Question: Will the Telegram backup include media files as well?

A: Yes, the Telegram backup will include media files such as photos, videos, and audio files.

Question: Can I restore my Telegram chat history on a new device?

A: Yes, you can restore your Telegram chat history on a new device by logging in with the same phone number and choosing the “Restore” option when prompted.

Question: How often should I back up my Telegram chats?

A: It is recommended to back up your chats at least once a week to ensure that you do not lose any important data.

Question: How much space does the Telegram backup take?

A: The size of the backup will depend on the number of chats and media files you have. It is recommended to have enough storage space available on your chosen backup destination to avoid any issues.