How to fix Telegram not connecting issue on Android, here you will find the best answer to your question. Throughout the whole article, I will be giving you tips that can help you cope with this problematic situation. Telegram is an excellent messaging app that has almost all the best feature and the most useful and protected security systems. But, it’s not quite unusual for any apps to have bugs and some minor issues on them.

Why Telegram Not Connecting Issue On Android Occurs?

Though Telegram is exceptional but having any minor issue is not beyond exceptional.  So, sometimes there can be minor issues that can cause Telegram to not worked properly.  Mostly these issues held back Telegram or prevents Telegram from not working properly are mainly problems with your device. You can fix the issues by taking some simple necessary steps.

And, if your check your Android device’s setting more frequently and keep some of your bad habits loosened from Telegram, then you face no issues, further time. But, Some times there can an issue with Telegram’s system too so we can report that issue to Telegram too.

Ways To Fix Telegram Not Connecting Issue On Android

So, now we have learned how the issues happen, and which thing that the most issues. Now it’s time to know how to cope with issues when we are having issues with our Telegram connection. Here I will be measuring out some most important points for you and following the procedure, you can easily cope with the situation. so here I’m giving the suggestions, and steps that you can take in action and this issue can be solved with the steps.

  •  Reset Your Mobile Data Network- 

If you are using mobile cellular data, try to connect to a wifi network and this can fix the issue in no time.

  • Never Use Data Saving Mode If you Are A Telegram User-

Most of the time if you are a Telegram user then you must know that Telegram has no things party client that has the cache of your Telegram activity that may help you conning to the server with a little data. So, Never use Data Saving mode if you are a Telegram user and if you want to use Telegram on your phone without any connection problems.

  • Update Telegram App-

Always keep your Telegram app updated, and if you have Turned: off auto update on your Android; then you will need to check for updates manually through Google Playstore.

  •  Turn: Off Third-Party Apps-

If you are using any third-party apps that Save data, change IP, or block ads,  if you are using any antivirus software that prevents any app from auto-updating if you are using any software that prevents any app from using space on your RAM or ROM; then that can also cause this problem.

So, Turn: Off VPN, Proxy Server, Unverified Antivirus Software, Ad Blocker, or Any kind of Storage managing app

  • Re-install Telegram- 

If you are still having the Telegram not connecting issue on your Android app then you must Uninstall and delete the app from your Android, and then again re-install Telegram on your Android.  And don’t be afraid, uninstalling the app wouldn’t lose any data.

  • Contact Telegram Support- 

If after taking all these actions, you are still having the telegram Telegram ” Connecting … “You should contact Telegram support. And here is the link to Telegram Support